Myra DDoS Protection as Hybrid and Appliance Solution combines the advantages of cloud and appliance protection in one product. With the solution you meet high data processing standards.

Full security: Myra DDoS Protection as Hybrid and Appliance Solution

Myra DDoS Protection as Hybrid and Appliance Solution meets high data processing standards. The on-premise appliance guarantees SSL termination in your data center according to BaFin (German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority) standards. If so requested by the customer, traffic can be filtered through an external Myra scrubbing center in case of a volumetric attack. Myra builds and develops the appliance in Germany. A tamper proof enclosure protects your data against physical intrusion. If necessary, the appliance can automatically delete sensitive data immediately.

Your advantages

  • An appliance’s security and integrity combined with the protection bandwidth of a cloud
  • Add BGP solution in the cloud for additional protection against volumetric attacks
  • You keep physical authority over data processing as with the SSL termination
  • Tamper proof enclosure
  • Real-time monitoring and managed services for your IT
  • SLA of up to 99.999%
  • Expert support on a high technical level
  • Quick response times with 24/7 support

Myra DDoS Protection as Hybrid and Appliance Solution - Features

  • On-Premise Protection
    You can put our appliance into your own data center.
  • SSL Authority
    With Myra DDoS Protection as Appliance Solution you keep physical authority over SSL termination.
  • Protection Layer 3/4/7
    DDoS protection blocks attacks on networks, protocols, and appliances (e.g. ICMP flood, UDP fragmentation, UDP reflection, UDP amplification via DNS, NTP, rpcbind, SSDP, HTTP GET, and POST, SYN flood, SYN-ACK flood, RST flood, and many more).
  • IPv6 and IPv4 Support
    Myra automatically allows connections to your websites via IPv4 and IPv6.
  • GeoIP Blocking
    Myra DDoS Protection for websites enables GeoIP-based client blocking.
  • Rate Limiting
    You can define the number of IP requests within a certain time frame.
  • Custom Certificate
    Myra supports all certificates such as domain validated (DV), organization validated (OV), extended validation (EV), wildcard, and subject alternative name (SAN).
  • SSL/TLS Management
    Manage your TLS certificate via WebGUI.
  • SSL Cipher Management
    Myra security experts make sure that the TLS configuration complies with common security standards.
  • Supported Technologies
    HTTP/2, WebP, ChaCha20, WebSocket
  • Notification
    The system sends an automated notification in case of a DDoS attack.
  • Report
    You get an individual report after a DDoS attack, containing length, type, and volume of the attack.
  • Other Features
    IP Black/Whitelisting, redirects, traffic classification

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