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What is myracloud?  Top

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Attacks are performed daily on nearly every web site whether you notice it or not. Bot nets routinely scan for information and attack vectors with the goal of infecting more sites and visitors with viruses. Script kiddies try out new tools against innocent targets. Professional attackers use vast botnets to extort money from web site owners. People with an agenda try to take down everybody who disagrees with them. DDoS attacks make up 25-30% of all online attacks, and myracloud protects you completely from them.

myracloud provides protection, and by optimizing content and its delivery, also accelerates your web site significantly. myracloud is hosted at multiple locations world-wide, and always picks the nearest location for each visitor, so that the data is routed locally, instead of traveling around the globe. Increase your conversion and Google visibility today by using myracloud without making any changes to your website.

How does myracloud protect my website?  Top

The biggest known DDoS attacks on the Internet used bandwidth of 100 Gbit/s – we can defend against multiple times that number. No other DDoS protection service has actually more bandwidth. We use a proven, custom system to classify and filter out bad traffic at the network edge (under patent review). Also, we apply traditional rate limiting, and provide you with an easy to use web application firewall to filter out SQL injections and Cross Site Scripting. We provide DDoS proof DNS and HTTP/HTTPS.

We constantly update our filter rules to eliminate known exploits from negatively affecting your site, your brand and your visitors. We monitor several large private security boards which are notified before the public is, and use that knowledge to your advantage. Visitors love web sites which are highly available. With myracloud you will be one of these sites.

What improves my website's performance?  Top

myracloud uses BGP-AnyCast to make sure that your visitors see your website faster than your competitor's. Data is routed to our nearest data center which is usually very close to the visitor. We cache at the edge, and apply patent-pending optimizations to your content to give your visitors responsive user experience.

By deploying the most advanced protocols such as SPDY and IPv6 we further optimize your visitor's user experience, and thereby their interest in your web site. SPDY is actually becoming the new Internet standard HTTP/2.0 which will replace the current HTTP/1.1. SPDY is already supported by two major browsers (Google Chrome and the Mozilla Foundation's Firefox)

How does myracloud provide high-availability?  Top

myracloud is fully redundantly hosted in multiple data centers. When one fails or loses its connection to the Internet, data is automatically sent to the closest available data center. This so-called Anycasting has been used on the Internet since 2002, and is a very important technology for services which need to be always available.

Who benefits from using myracloud?  Top

Web site owners

myracloud saves you time and money by making your web properties more secure and faster. Your system administrators and web developers can focus significantly more on delivering a better product instead of optimizing HTML, JavaScript, images, and looking for holes in your security architecture daily. myracloud saves you money by increasing the availability of your infrastructure. Your search index rank improves because your site becomes faster which is very important to Google and other search engines. Faster load times often drastically improve conversion. No changes are necessary to your web site, so the risk is minimal, and the potential gain is significant.

Web developers

myracloud has been built by web developers for web developers. We have built dozens of projects each in our lifetime. We have learned what basically everybody needs to be more successful in delivering a great user experience. myracloud takes care of many tedious tasks like optimizing JavaScript, HTML, and images. Also, the web application firewall helps to protect your site against remote exploits. Enjoy your projects more and let myracloud take care of caching, DDoS protection, and CDN functionality.

System administrators

We at myracloud have been deploying Internet services for around 20 years. We have built into myracloud everything to make our job easier. Want to deploy IPv6 for DNS and HTTP? A single click is enough. Want to add SSL to your sites? A single click again. Distributed caching (CDN), statistics, DDoS protection, full access logs, whitelisting, blacklisting, everything is included. Experiment with new technologies such as SPDY without changing anything in your server infrastructure? Try myracloud.