DDoS Emergency Contact

Are you under DDoS attack? The Myra DDoS protection can be implemented very quickly. You can reach our DDoS emergency experts around the clock. We can help you right away in case of an attack.

Please fill in the DDoS emergency form. One of our expert from the DDoS emergency team will contact you immediately.


Or call us at our 24/7 DDoS emergency number: +49 89 41 41 41-333.


Our emergency team will immediately take all the necessary measures for the emergency setup.

Precautionary measures for a DDoS attack emergency setup

When you are under a DDoS attacked every minute counts. In order for our security experts to quickly set up the protection, we recommend the following precautionary measures:


  • Do not pay the ransom, when someone threatens you and is asking for money. The blackmailers will continue to threaten you.
  • Set a short ‘time to live’ for your DNS record of about 5 to 15 minutes. Our DDoS emergency is now able to place a new, protected IP address that substitutes the old one.


Please fill in the form, we will contact you shortly: