Stay independent when it comes to your web content delivery. With Myra Push CDN your elements are redundantly stored on multiple servers located in different data centers. You don’t need to set up additional IT infrastructure.

Global object delivery: Myra Push CDN

With Myra Distributed Storage Engine (Push CDN) you can actively upload your content or even entire websites in several versions (staging, production) via API. This makes your content delivery independent from your own infrastructure, making your website scalable. Myra reduces your page load time, while ensuring an average availability of up to 99.999%. Particularly sites that should always be available benefit from Myra Push CDN.

Your advantages

  • Fast global delivery of all website elements such as images, videos, audios, and others
  • Highly scalable – no hardware investments needed
  • Reliable delivery during traffic peaks caused by marketing and TV campaigns
  • Less bandwidth, computing power, server capacities, and operating costs
  • Less server burden and lower traffic volume

Myra Push CDN - Features

  • Real-time Caching
    Changed content, such as updated or deleted objects, is immediately activated.
  • Hybrid Version
    In combination with Myra Pull CDN you can use Myra Push CDN as hybrid version. Static content is cached with Push, dynamic elements with Pull.
  • SLA of up to 99.999%
    With Myra you achieve an availability of up to 99.999%.
  • API Switch
    You can always switch Myra Pull CDN to Myra Push CDN via API. In case of an emergency this allows you to switch content delivery without having to do manual adjustments.

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