Myra Infinity Platform can easily handle massive traffic peaks and extreme traffic loads. Nearly unlimited capacities make your applications reliable and fast at all times.

The solution for websites with extreme traffic peaks: Myra Infinity Platform

Myra Infinity Platform offers you nearly unlimited scalability. Platform resources and capacities scale in real time – no set-up time needed. Traffic peaks that used to affect your hardware can now be handled easily. This allows you to make your marketing, TV, and ad campaigns more efficient.

Your advantages

  • Nearly unlimited scalability
  • High performance during traffic peaks after TV and marketing campaigns, or shitstorms
  • Increased marketing campaign efficiency
  • Reliable delivery during big events or live events
  • Less pressure on your infrastructure

Myra Infinity Platform - Features

  • Customized
    Our performance experts analyze your website’s potentials and vulnerabilities. Based on this analysis they propose an individual package of Myra performance products.

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