Myra Website Security

Myra Website Security protects content and applications of your website. Be it web application firewall, bot and scraping protection, or content protection: All products are compatible with your infrastructure and your CMS.

Whether it is protecting your application, securing your content, or blocking bots: Myra Website Security shields your web applications against common security vulnerabilities using a protective firewall. As our experts have great connections with the IT security sector, we know about new vulnerabilities before others do. This is why protection measures are quickly adapted to attack vectors – even before they are known in public.

The protection firewall for all web applications: Myra Website Security

  • Myra Managed Services enable minimum IT efforts
  • 24/7 security monitoring and adaptations to new vulnerabilities
  • Individual configuration according to your needs for best protection
  • Implementation without hardware investments

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

The Myra Web Application Firewall protects your applications against bad and dangerous requests. The instantly scalable solution allows nearly unlimited capacity to block requests. When installed, the WAF tool set by default includes Myra rules that go beyond the OWASP Top 10 rules. You can set your own restrictions per drag and drop in the back end, defining new sets of rules. With the Enterprise Version you can have our experts adapt rule sets to your web application. These are constantly updated by our Website Security team to eliminate false-positives.

Myra products: Website Security Bot Protection

Bot Protection

You can reliably identify who is surfing on your website: The Bot Protection identifies different types of clients and classifies them into harmful bots, users, and search engines. Bad bot nets are blocked by default, while other traffic types only get the information they are supposed to see.

Myra products: Website Security Bot Protection

Content Protection

Would need special security for your content? The Myra Content Protection helps you to protect texts, images, and videos from attacks via Secure Deployment. You move the content from your CMS to our protected deployment server. Myra Content Protection checks, whether the content you sent is the same content the server has received. Only then assigned users can approve content according to the double verification principle. After all the designated users have approved the content will be put online, using our safe servers. This makes unauthorized changes of your content on your website

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