Myra at the RSA Conference 2018 in San Francisco

Myra at the RSA Conference 2018 in San Francisco

Together with IT security experts from all over the world, Myra was part of the RSA Conference in San Francisco to discuss latest trends in cyber security. This year’s event was all about new technologies and IT security.



IT security in San Francisco

In San Francisco, the entire week from April 16th to 20th was dedicated to IT security and the ever-present effects of digitalization. As one of the leading IT security providers Myra was involved, too. The RSA Conference in San Francisco offered its participants the possibility to connect and exchange experiences with international contacts. Hosting over 45,000 visitors, 550 expert talks, 650 exhibitors and numerous presentations by renowned specialists, the RSAC caught global attention.



Where the world talks security

At the RSAC, there were top-class experts from all kinds of security backgrounds. Myra was part of inspiring presentations, workshops and personal conversations to exchange professional knowledge. Also, Myra expanded its network of valuable contacts to San Francisco – paving the way for prospective projects such as collaborative work on sustainable solutions to ensure a safe future. International speakers gave thought-provoking impulses which triggered animated discussions, that will stick in the participants’ memories.


Highlights at the RSAC

The conference started with an impressive competition on the first day already – the RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest: The contest’s ten finalists showcased their forward-looking security technologies in a three-minute elevator pitch. The innovative start-ups all knew how to properly present their product and convince the audience of its relevance. Another highlight was The Cryptographers‘ Panel. The speakers encouraged the audience to question the current state of security and privacy on the internet: regarding security, they praised the development in hardware technology during the last years. However, they criticised the cyber actors’ lacking awareness for user privacy.


Among the most discussed topics at the RSA Conference were cybercrime, compliance, data protection and risk management as well as the effects of an open dialogue that apply on companies, organisations and individuals. Of course, Bitcoin was subject of conversation, too. On top of that, the participants talked about the influence of technologies which are still unknown yet – are they dangerous or do they even have potential for new security solutions?

Myra returns from San Francisco with inspiring input, great contacts and lasting learning outcomes.

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