Myra goes green: CO2-neutral company since 2018

Myra goes green: CO2-neutral company since 2018

We have achieved the annual target of our environmental protection strategy and are now registered as a green IT company. We are committed to fully compensate our emissions by supporting regional climate protection projects.



Together for a safe future

One temperature high is chasing the next and the progressing ice melt in the Arctic Zone is extremely alarming. Climate experts warn that global greenhouse emissions are higher than ever before. As an IT security company, Myra contributes to a safer future on the Internet every day – to take action offline as well, Myra now officially operates climate-neutral. Since last month, we are publicly collaborating with ClimatePartner to compensate our emissions. The climate protection strategy is based on the greenhouse gas balance: meaning that sources of CO2 emissions within a company are identified to derive potential reduction strategies. However, not all emissions can be avoided. Thus, remaining rates will be compensated by supporting approved climate protection projects.



Reducing emissions via carbon offset

Despite all effort to establish effective measures for environment protection, not all greenhouse gases can be eliminated. As these remaining CO2 emissions evenly spread within the atmosphere, it is rather insignificant where on earth they are produced. Therefore, emissions that cannot be prevented locally should be offset elsewhere, by means of climate protection measures. The reduction of CO2 emissions is an important step towards a holistic climate protection strategy; so is the greenhouse gas compensation through supporting climate protection projects.



How do climate protection projects work?

Climate protection projects include the engagement in nature protection such as reforesting or the development of renewable energies. They aim to consistently reduce greenhouse gases and therefore, contribute to a sustainable usage of natural resources. Independent organizations such as TÜV or SGS S.A. regularly review these projects in order to measure the exact amount of CO2 that has been offset. As a green IT company, Myra is now actively involved in these climate protection projects: we support regional projects such as the Bergwaldprojekt e.V. in Oberallgäu, Germany.
Detailed information about ClimatePartner and the projects we engage in can be found here:

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