Myra Load Balancing

Myra Load Balancing substitutes classic hardware load balancing. At the same time, it allows distributing traffic across numbers of servers and data centers. Redundant, highly available, and scalable.

Myra Load Balancing enables the ideal distribution of your requests. The load sharing allows active/active combinations and active/passive networks (stand-by backup) across numbers of backend servers. Your website and applications will always be running perfectly due to reduced response times. This allows you to avoid traffic overload and outages – without pricy hardware.

The perfect Load Balancing for your needs

  • Worldwide Load Balancing scalability without additional IT investment
  • Available as in-data center and cross-data center solution
  • Independently of your content: dynamic and static
  • Fast connection thanks to IP anycast of globally distributed load balancers
  • Increased reliability through automated spotting of servers that are down
  • Dashboard for real-time monitoring and management

Server Load Balancing

Server Load Balancing immediately compensates large volumes of traffic. Dead back end detection, weighted distribution, and stand-by functionalities guarantee high availability. All requests are distributed among any number of upstreams. With the upstream distribution you can choose between round robin (requests are evenly distributed), IP hash (client IP is always forwarded to the same upstream server), least connection (forwarding to servers with the lowest number of connections).

Myra products: Data Center Load Balancing

Datacenter Load Balancing

Do you keep your servers in different data centers? Would you like to individually configure your server network? With Data Center Load Balancing you can distribute your network traffic to as many servers as you like– across various data centers. Performance-based load balancing enables you to reach ideal traffic distribution.

Myra products: Data Center Load Balancing

Site Failover

The Myra Site Failover automatically spots outages and forwards the traffic. In case of a downtime the Myra solution activates the alternative stand-by data center or a static emergency website. The Myra downtime security offers reliability, while keeping response times at a minimum. Thanks to real-time monitoring you can immediately identify irregularities and problems.

Myra products: Load Balancing Upstream Monitoring

Upstream Monitoring

Our upstream monitoring shows all network traffic. The system identifies interceptions and outages, quickly taking the necessary steps. If you wish, we can send you an email, when there is an irregularity within your infrastructure.

Myra products: Load Balancing Upstream Monitoring

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