Myra DDoS Protection for IT Infrastructures reliably protects your IP subnet, your IT infrastructure, and your clients against volumetric attacks. It doesn’t matter what kind of infrastructure you have: The protection is quickly implemented via GRE- or IPsec tunnel. You don’t need any additional hardware or software.

Protection for complex systems: Myra DDoS Protection for IT Infrastructures

With Myra DDoS Protection for IT Infrastructures you are available and up-to-date – without capital tie-ups. You can protect your IP subnet against attacks starting from /24 for IPv4 and /48 for IPv6. In case of an attack DDoS protection automatically detects the right subnet. Incoming traffic is directed to Myra’s network via BGP routing. Traffic can be forwarded via GRE tunnel, IPsec tunnel, or direct peering with your data center. For domains you can add on Layer 7 protection for websites.

Your advantages

  • Secure against DDoS, DRDoS, and amplification attacks
  • Choose between always-on and on-demand protection
  • Full expert support
  • No configuration needed due to API switch
  • Attractive pricing packages for reseller
  • Package available from on-demand to flat rate
  • No investment in additional hardware needed
  • Customized filter for proprietary protocols
  • Support of BGP FlowSpec

Myra DDoS Protection for IT Infrastructures - Features

  • Protection Layer 3/4/7
    Myra DDoS Protection for IT Infrastructures works for networks and protocols (e.g. ICMP flood, UDP fragmentation, UDP reflection, UDP amplification via DNS, NTP, rpcbind, SSDP, SYN flood, ACK flood, RST flood, and many others).
  • IPv6 und IPv4
    Myra secures IP subnets starting from /24 for IPv4 and /48 for IPv6.
  • API Switch
    You decide when to switch a subnet in case of an attack. You can either make the API call or your monitoring does it automatically.
  • Flow Monitoring
    Traffic analysis of flow data, such as NetFlow and sFlow, happens in your data center. Subnets are switched automatically based on their threshold.
  • GRE
    Good traffic is directed to your infrastructure via GRE tunnel. If you want, traffic can also be fragmented with a special mechanism to match higher MTUS. Communication with your users is not even affected during ICMP filter errors.
  • IPsec*
    If you want, traffic goes directly through the IPsec tunnel.
  • Direct Connect*
    You are completely independent thanks to the direct connection between your infrastructure and Myra. Even if the public Internet is affected by disruptions, your systems run smoothly. You can run incoming and outgoing traffic through Myra.
  • Own Certificates
    With Myra you can use your own certificates without SNI obligation.
  • Always-On Protection
    Your traffic always passes through Myra. The protection mechanism permanently scans for attacks.
  • On-Demand Protection
    You can automatically or manually activate the protection for different subnets. Protection starts when the BGP announcement is updated.
  • Router Support
    Myra supports Cisco, Juniper, Brocade, and common core routers.
  • Redundant Set-up*
    Myra offers you a redundant set-up e.g. in two scrubbing centers in Germany.


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