Myra Smart Site Accelerator increases the speed of your website: Your sites load within milliseconds and users can quickly navigate through your product offerings. You save costs and make your users as well as Google happy.

Always a fast surf experience: Myra Smart Site Accelerator

Myra Smart Site Accelerator revolutionizes the delivery of dynamic web applications. Automated learning and optimization achieve an optimum balance between user-specific and dynamic content as well as page load times that are independent from the afore mentioned. The distributed Myra CDN forms the basis. Caching of static content, the HTML accelerator Myra Edge Side Accelerator (ESA) for dynamic content, a high-speed DNS resolution and delta compression: This combination reduces your page load time to only a few milliseconds.

Your advantages

  • Lightning-fast content delivery and reduced page load time
  • Less hardware load
  • No capital tie-up
  • Direct conversion rate uplift
  • Higher Google and search engine ranking thanks to reliable website performance and content optimization
  • High storage and bandwidth scalability

Myra Smart Site Accelerator - Features

  • High-Performance DNS
    A fast worldwide domain name resolution (IP anycast) from several data centers around the globe.
  • High-speed CDN
    Myra Smart Site Accelerator delivers your static content immediately from the CDN.
  • Edge Side Accelerator (ESA)
    Myra accelerates the delivery of your HTML-files.
  • Delta Compression
    Deliver your content in no time to your users worldwide – without latency, even when your servers are located in the same location.
  • Prefetching Cache
    Myra pre-fetches your most visited pages.
  • HTTP/2
    Myra Smart Site Accelerator supports HTTP/2.
  • Image Scaling
    Myra Media Delivery scales your images and graphics.
  • WebP
    Myra transforms JPEG files into WebP for a faster delivery on Chrome, Firefox, and Android devices. The quality of your images is not affected, even when sustainably compressed.
  • Meta Data
    If requested, Myra automatically reduces your meta data by selectively optimizing JPEG/PNG files.

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