Accelerate your web content delivery without further investment in your IT infrastructure. With the Myra Pull CDN you can instantly bring your content to your users. The international Myra server network makes it possible.

Built for performance: Myra Pull CDN

Myra accelerates the delivery of both your dynamic application content and appendant static elements (CSS, JS, images, videos, etc.). For this purpose, Myra runs a proprietary, international CDN infrastructure along important Internet exchanges. This enables short page load times for your users – without capital tie-ups on your side. Myra CDN directly delivers content from RAM to avoid slow requests on hard drive or SSD. With Myra Pull CDN your page load times are always short – even during traffic peaks.

Your advantages

  • Fast delivery of static web content
  • High and global scalability
  • Less bandwidth, computing power, and server capacities needed
  • Lower traffic volume and less server load
  • Low operating costs
  • Reliable performance even during traffic peaks caused by ad and marketing campaigns on TV, on the radio, online, or print

Myra Pull CDN - Features

  • RAM Caching
    Myra Pull CDN delivers all static elements from RAM.
  • Revalidation
    After an object has expired in the cache Myra requests its validation from your origin. If it is still valid, it will not be loaded again from your origin. This saves further data volume on your side.
  • Stale Objects
    In case of an interrupted connection to your origin, Myra can optionally deliver expired objects as well (stale objects). Your users will therefore never notice any outages.
  • Instant Cache Clear
    You can always update existing content via API and WebGUI.

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