Deliver your images, files, games, or software downloads at high quality to your users. Myra Media Delivery adapts your content to every device.

Great delivery in the ideal format: Myra Media Delivery

With Myra Media Delivery you can instantly deliver big files such as images, software, e-papers, or presentations. Downloads and content are available and their delivery can be adapted to the devices. Image scaling and WebP adjust size and format of your images to every device. The Myra CDN delivers web elements to your users – worldwide and highly available. Bandwidth and storage are scalable to your needs.

Your advantages

  • Nearly unlimited bandwidth and storage scalability
  • Support of all file formats such as PDF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, WebP, GIF, BMP
  • Reliable delivery of whitepapers, e-papers, presentations, brochures, and info sheets

Myra Media Delivery - Features

  • File Formats
    Applies to all formats such as PDF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, WebP, GIF, BMP.
  • Image Scaling*
    Myra Media Delivery scales your images and graphics.
  • WebP*
    Myra transforms JPEG files into WebP for a faster delivery on Android devices such as Chrome and Firefox. The quality of your images will not be affected by image compression.
  • Meta Data
    If requested, Myra automatically reduces your meta data by selectively optimizing JPEG/ PNG meta data.


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