Myra Content Delivery Network (CDN)

The Myra Content Delivery Network (CDN) ensures lightning fast delivery of all your website’s static and dynamic elements. Caching and storing your content minimizes the traffic for your own servers. This is modern content delivery based on state-of-the-art technology.

The Myra Content Delivery Network (CDN) is based on a proprietary server network with points of presence on every continent. It allows you to instantly deliver your website content, images, and videos to your users – also during peak times. For you this means accelerated traffic delivery, decreased page load time and minimized bandwidth burden. Your users benefit from great user experience on all devices.

The modern Content Delivery Network with state-of-the-art technology

  • Content for every user around the globe thanks to a globally distributed server network
  • Fast delivery of all content through pure RAM caching
  • Less data transfer with the help of automated revalidation of expired objects
  • Use of stale objects in case of origin outage
  • High quality videos, streams, and images on every device
  • Low running costs, lower traffic volume and high server relief
  • Safe band width, computing power, storage, and capacity

Pull CDN

Accelerate your web content delivery without further investment in your IT infrastructure. With the Myra Pull CDN you can instantly bring your content to your users around the world. The international Myra server network makes it possible.

Myra products: Push CDN Content Delivery Network

Push CDN

Stay independent when it comes to your web content delivery. With Myra Push CDN your elements are redundantly stored on multiple servers located in different data centers. You don’t need to set up additional IT infrastructure.

Myra products: Push CDN Content Delivery Network

Media Delivery

Deliver your images, files, games, or software downloads at high quality to your users. Myra Media Delivery perfectly adapts your content to every device.

Myra products: Video Delivery Content Delivery Network

Video Delivery

Impress your audience with a high quality viewing experience for video and live streams. With Myra Video Delivery you bring your videos to your users, while saving bandwidth and data volume.

Myra products: Video Delivery Content Delivery Network

Smart Site Accelerator

Myra Smart Site Accelerator increases the speed of your website: Your sites load within milliseconds; users quickly navigate through your product offerings. You save costs – and make your users as well as Google happy.

Myra products: Infinity Platform Content Delivery Network

Infinity Platform

Myra Infinity Platform can easily handle massive traffic peaks and extreme traffic loads. Nearly unlimited capacities make your applications reliable and fast at all times.

Myra products: Infinity Platform Content Delivery Network

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