For the IT systems of our customers we rely on high quality and safety. This ambition is also reflected in the choice of our employees. Therefore, every person goes through an individual selection process. Because only with very good educated employees you can achieve exceptional performance and excellent service.

Our Management

Sascha Schumann

CEO, Lead Architect & Founder

Sascha Schumann developed the Myra solution and founded Myra Security GmbH. He is the lead architect behind all Myra products, responsible for the strategic product development.


Sascha Schumann has gained many years of experience in web technology and IT consulting. The IT specialist is PHP core developer, conference speaker, and book author. As a member of Apache Software Foundation, the PHP Group, and other security boards Sascha Schumann is an influencer in the IT industry.


He founded the consulting software company Soprado GmbH in 2006. This is where he developed the Myra solution for performance and protection of websites. Due to the success of the product Sascha founded Myra Security GmbH in 2012.

Paul Kaffsack

COO & Co-Founder

Paul Kaffsack, COO and CO founder Myra

Paul Kaffsack is co-founder of Myra Security GmbH. As COO he manages the operational business. Together with Sascha Schumann he is also responsible for the strategic development of the company. In his role as COO Paul attaches utmost importance to customer satisfaction.


Paul Kaffsack has worked in the e-commerce industry for 17 years. He is one of the online commerce pioneers. Paul speaks regularly at international conferences about the latest IT security and e-commerce topics. Furthermore, he provides expert advice to companies and startups in making their e-commerce business successful.


The e-commerce expert has built up web companies such as and helped with brand building at as CMO. Paul was also the head of the international business unit e-commerce at NKD.